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selina kyle


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Nov 10 2014, 04:22 PM



alt. coloring






nadia nadia(2)nadia(3)
Sabrina loz india
diana alice sd.
michelle ben sammie
sammi anna mary
morgan kajouka rosalind
steph tomi kajouka
india hannah mari ben
rosalind cristela

intermediate - april 2012

famous - march 2013
talented - september 2012
evolving - june 2012



credit list@deviantart

if i'm missing someone please say so! <3
Nov 10 2014, 03:58 PM

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Hello everyone! I'm Debora! Some of you might recognize me if you have an account on Caution, Shadowplay, HoH, or some of the other resource forums. erm I'm 18 yr old zoology student in texas.
i love making graphics. that's one of the only thing i'm good at. i'm also good at procrastinating and insulting people in rl. i also like to think i'm decent at video games, mostly shooter games. i suck at coding. this is code is as good as it gets tbh.
i really love tv shows and movies and books but i don't really have time to read these days. i really like gotham, the flash, arrow. i have other shows that i really like but those are the ones that are still airing. harry potter is my childhood so idk why i haven't joined sooner. i love most movie genres. romantic comedies kinda bore me tho. action, horror, sci-fi are my faves tbh. i also love reading fanfic, except i tend to read fanon rather then canon stuff. also feel free to follow my tumblr selinaklye
so yeah talk to me whenever, i like to think that i'm a nice person. ♥♥♥ bye!

i imagine all slytherins exist the room like this so don't mind me.

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