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Small Info: Cupcake ipsum dolor sit. Amet donut fruitcake. Cake candy bonbon pastry sweet roll. Gummi bears dragée danish jujubes pie brownie. Jelly-o jelly-o lollipop lollipop. Chocolate cake sweet candy canes fruitcake. Jelly topping sesame snaps fruitcake tiramisu carrot cake. Hey there! I'm Nadia, one of your resident advertising professors, lollies are life and I swear I'm nice. Don't be afraid to shoot me a PM! <3
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Advertising Professors -- Huffle

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Jul 28 2014, 12:55 AM
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<span class="firstcharacter">H</span> i. Ohayou gozaimasu. Hellooooo. That's about the extent of the languages I know. I'm a bit late posting a staff profile compared to everyone else but better late than never.
Hi! I'm Nadia, I'm fifteen and I live in Australia. I don't have an Australian accent in case you're curious and vegemite tastes horrible. Nutella is life. (Not Shrek.) I'm an advertising professor here and possibly the most immature person you'll ever meet. I'm ridiculously competitive but I hate arguments.
Roleplaying is where I started off but graphics is where I'm at right now. Coding is fun but really tedious and I prefer graphics to be honest. You'll notice a lot of graphics with k-pop popping up, sometimes GOT and Doctor Who will crop up as well. Harry Potter is a given. My favourite character changes from Neville to Hermione on any one day but oddly enough I don't ship them together. I don't really have a ship for HP, I used to be a Dramione shipper but if a fic is written really well I don't particularly mind which ship it is. That being said my favourite book is Prisoner of Azkaban.
Hopefully that's enough to qualify as a proper intro, in case you hadn't noticed I'm really bad at them. Still, nice to meet you. <3
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