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Small Info: I'm Eli, and I'm obsessed with fandoms and Daniel Gillies. There really isn't much more else to say that would fit here. ;3
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Aug 10 2014, 07:42 PM

Where the Wild Things Are is an all around fun for all site where you can rp as anyone from any show, and even made up characters from your own universes. We are what we like to call a Multi-Verse site. We welcome all styles of role players, even offer 3 on site IC boxes for minors, and 3 off site for more mature content, a friendly staff and a welcome environment.

We also offer a mini resource section at the bottom of our forum for our members. There we will be holding contests, challenges and have tutorials available for anyone registered to use.

Aug 10 2014, 10:32 AM
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Hi, hello, bonjour, hola, aloha, konichiwa, and well all that I can say hello in more languages than I can say anything else aside from goodbye. I'm Elizabeth, but go by Eli online. Also will answer to Liza, Lizzy, Izzy, El, and no I'm not poly lingual, just like using the words I do know in other languages. If I could I'd learn them all. I have a fascination for foreign things, among many other things. Such as history, and of course language goes right along with that.
I'm a fandom whore, I have tons already and working on more. Currently in the middle of Hemlock Grove. My fandoms are, even though I'm behind in them, Supernatural (Beginning of season 9), Sherlock (Caught up), Teen Wolf (Last saw Season 3 finale), Game of Thrones (First like, episode of season 4), Orange is the New Black, (Waiting for season 3 omg), House (Still season 1, so behind), The Vampire Diaries (Stopped at the middle of season 5), The Originals, (Seen half the season but know spoilers of it. Still RP it most cause Elijah is my second head. And our names are similar, like he's got the masculine version of my name woot.
That's all the tv shows I can think of off the top of my head, for movies/books it's a select few I'd actually rp, Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit (Intimate knowledge of both), Star Wars (Yeah pretty obsessed with them too), Star Trek (Yep seen Into Darkness, and some of the original series and films just not all.), Harry Potter (Of course it's what drew me to this site. I'm like a HP Wiki on feet.), and that's about it for films/books.
I also love music, though I'm not as knowledgeable about it as most are, I'll listen to pretty much anything but my main obsessions are Queen, David Bowie, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, M.C.R., The Used, A.F.I., Metallica, Tupac, Snoop, Trey Songz, Usher, Ginuwine and that's all I'm naming..
I love art, though I'm not great at it, doesn't mean I can't appreciate it though. No matter what medium is used. I know a few things about different genres from painting to sketching to digital media.
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